Before and After Photos

What the Client Said About the Project

Right away, we were impressed with the way Oriel quoted the project. When we asked questions, they were very responsive and had thoughtful answers; it made us comfortable that they were out to do the absolute best work possible with no surprises around costs.

When the work was being done, everything was well organized; tools were put away, they were vacuuming as they were going along. It was great. Always clear when they were coming, quiet, clean, always respectful; it was kind of unreal. Everyone who works with Jacob, and their third-party contractors, were incredible and very friendly. They had excellent communication and when communicating the few small issues we had they always came armed with thoughtful solutions.

Get quotes because it is always a good idea, but you would be foolish not to go with Oriel; they do the best work, and they don’t overcharge. They made us feel entirely comfortable throughout the entire process despite the fact that we were renovation novices.