Brockton Village kitchen, dinning, bathroom and porch renovation

This 3 bedroom home in Brockton which is located in the West End of Toronto was built in the 60’s.  Eric & Reiko knew they needed help to get their family home feeling more functional and looking more contemporary. Oriel Renovations did just that. We started by opening up the kitchen and dining room, adding a new island, cabinetry, and counter tops.  The home needed a finished basement to add more space for family.  We upgraded the 2 pc bathroom and added a new shower. Brand new flooring and storage were added to complete the new space.  The 2nd floor bathroom also received an upgrade with a new sink, counter and shower.
Finally, the front porch was aged so we poured a new slab and added a new awning and new fencing, creating a polished and completed look to the house. It was a joy to see this older home take on a modern feel!


Eric and Reiko


Brockton Village Neighbourhood